Payment Protection Insurance

Many of you will have taken out the following:

  • Credit Card
  • Personal Loan
  • Mortgage

If you have, it’s possible that you could be entitled to £3,306 in incorrectly sold loan insurance.

The facts

  • You may have been mis-sold PPI that you didn’t want
  • You may have never realised that you had PPI in the first place
  • Apporximately 20 million PPI policies have been mis-sold
  • An estimated £8 billion is owed to customers

It’s possible that you could be paying anything between 13% to 56% on top of your loan (CAB research) for this unwanted insurance without even realising that you either do not need the cover or may be eligible to claim on it.

Loan Insurance is often mis-sold to the following:

  • The self employed
  • Part-time workers
  • Agency workers
  • The unemployed
  • Those entitled to full sick pay through their employer e.g. teachers, Nurses, Soldiers, Fire-Service, Police
  • Those with a pre-existing medical condition

This list is not exhaustive and many others just like you may have been mis-sold insurance. The money is rightfully yours, so don’t delay and ring one of our highly skilled advisers to see if your’re eligible to reclaim.

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